Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Likas Papaya Herbal Soap Review

Likas Papaya Herbal Soap 

If im not mistaken, Likas is a Filipino brand? (correct me if im wrong). and I've been using this many times already. This is actually my third soap. I've been using this on and off cause i wanna try on other cleansers. But i always go back to this whenever i feel like my skintone is getting dull.

I've read online that they are many imitation of Likas Papaya Soap. One blog stated that the original one has a glittery shine on their packaging box(you can see on the first picture), has the superbrand label, and has a clear deep carvings of Likas and their logo on the soap itself.

Apparently, i used to accidentally bought an imitation. but thankfully, it works like the original too. but, now i always make sure i bought the real one instead :)

  • Brightens and lightens my skintone
  • Improves and evens out my complexion
  • Treats acne
  • Prevents acne
  • Ridiculously cheap(bought for $2.30 at Huaho)

  • Dries out skin
  • Hassle to use(might be unhygienic for most people, hard to travel with, slippery) compare to tube cleansers.  
If you're planning to use this, make sure you moisturizes your skin after that. Soap cleansers are more prone to make your skin dry. I think this will go well with any skin type. & make sure you clean your hands before handling soap cleansers! i'd recommended this to anyone who wants to brighten up their skintone. this definitely help mine. even my sister swears by this. ;p again, different skin : different results. so dont blame me if it doesnt work on you :( 

not convinced? read on other people's review here : http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=104807/Likas_Papaya_Soap/0/Cleansers


Good News! well, at least for me :P ITB just gave me another chance to try out for their entry test. I did the test already though, and wow it was easier than i ever expected!!! i thought i'll going to be like REAL maths. but........ its like.... i dont know, so.......... easy. lol. even the computer test was easy as well. i know i wont get full marks, but i doubt i'll fail. hmmmm. i better not be too confident ;) btw sorry for the low quality pictures! i live at my husband's now and i cant use my dad's awesome camera for now T-T

Moving on to beauty-related news~


 Skin79's new collections. Snail extract in beauty products seems to be getting really popular now! As icky as it sounds, it sounds promising!! i wouldn't mind trying some snail on my face at all :P & btw the new mask looks sooo chic :) havent tried any of these but i had read positive reviews on the snail bbcream. should be good.


Finally they've announced their opening date! it'll be a 3 day celebration(april 28, 29 and 30). they'll be free refreshments, cupcakes, giveaways, etc. it sounds like a fun event! they'll be having discounts too. Make sure you girls dont miss this 3 day celebration :D more info here : http://www.facebook.com/events/268766116549378/


  1. Hello :) Can you make a post on how to take care our face? I bought skin79's product but yet I don't know when to use it. I didn't listen to the them when they talk on how to use it and when. I have skin79 vital orange, white reviving skin radiance cream, O2 cleanser, Porelab deep cleansing foam. Can I use O2 and porelab more than twice in one day?

  2. hi zee :) thanks for 'trusting' me in doing a skincare post! ^^ i will surely do so cause i do know a few tips in taking care of our skin. stay tune!!

    regarding your question about your cleansing routine, i'd suggest you use your porelab in the morning and the O2 during the night. if your main concern is your pores, you can use porelab morning and night and only use the O2 if you have any makeup on that particular day since the O2 are known more for its makeup removing properties. i'd suggest you only wash your face twice a day only. morning and night. washing more than twice isnt always a good thing. if you have oily skin, just blot your face using an oil blotter x)

    this is just a suggestion, you can choose whether to follow or not, as long as your skin is ok with it :D goodluck!

  3. Thanks. Looking forward for your post ^^

    Let say, I use bb cream in the morning and I wash my face using O2. Then I use it again in the afternoon, and wash it again using O2. Which means at night I must wash my face with only water before bed? Sorry for this silly question heheh :)

    1. haha its not a silly question :P do you have to wash it out btw in the afternoon? ^__^ if it were me, i would only wash the bb cream before bed, cause they have benefits for the skin too(anti wrinkle, whitening, etc). but if you must wash it, or you want to take an afternoon nap or something, i guess its okay for you to use it again. as long as it works for you, and its not drying your skin. :D

  4. You use your cleanser after you woke up and before bed? Please do post about taking care of our face if you got time :) I'm really concern about my face. My face ane macam belupak. Hahaha I always say belupak as in my pore getting bigger :(

    1. awu hehe after woke up and before tidur only. if my face gets oily masa afternoon, i use oil blotter saja :D if regarding pore, focus on the pore cleanser. but honestly, if you really wanna get rid of your pores, cleansers inda really help much. maybe try skin79's pore lab yang cream punya? inda tau ah if it works, havent tried it ^__^ and i'll post the skincare post tomorrow :D hee.

  5. I just received my first batch of Likas papaya soap and i am so excited! can't wait to start using it. hopefully it works out as well as i expect it to

  6. where do you buy your lika's soap from?!!! i don't want to buy an imitation!

    1. if you're from brunei, you can spot it ah hua ho. but anywhere else, i dont know x(