Tuesday, 5 July 2016


i miss blogging so much! i wish i can blog so often, but i got my hands full. many has happened since my last update. i noticed that my last update is regarding Airis going to school. well, it hasnt been long since that she had to dropped out of school :( this is due to her excessively rejecting it. she will cry before & during school so much, that we dont see signs of her fitting in soon. we tried for 2 weeks but then she got really sick, so we decided to not send her to kindergarten this year. she said she's 'afraid'. sigh. but we will try again for kindergarten level 2 next year, i really hope she can cope it next time!

back to recent updates, Airis is currentlyy having chicken pox! and Hari Raya is possibly tomorrow! what a bad time to get the pox. so we will have to stay home for the first few raya days :( hopefully it will go away soon and hopefully my baby is strong enough to fight the pox. at least until end of July haha.

i also be graduating soon! it is said to be August and im already buying my graduation make up. nothing grand, just LA girl matte in Bazaar, LA splash hd pro concealer and NYX studio finishing powder. i have been researching and comparing which is better for about a day now and i hope it'll be the right choice. i just have to wait till it arrives haha.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

No ME Time

okay, baby is asleep now and airis is busy with her youtube videos and i suddenly have the urge to blog! cant believe my last post was about me going back to work! i know that i am currently a stay-at-home mom but i really got my hands full! the baby really kept me busy hmmm.

she is almost 5 months now! and 1 more to go till she's on solids!! she's kinda clingy, so its hard to do my work sometimes >:(

and my princess is FINALLY going to school!! as pictured, she was super excited on her first day and suprisingly went very well!! i expected her to cry and begging me not to go, but she didnt! BUTTTT other days she was crying so much its hard to keep her to stay there :( the teacher had to hold her while i leave and i could hear her crying from my car! ughhh. 

lucky for her, she got sick (so no school!). her fever was bad, she missed school for a week!! this saturday will be her first day going back to school after being absent but she still dont like school :( she was yelling "no school! home please!!" everytime i mention it. sigh. now i will keep in mind to not send my other daugther to school too soon -__- Kindergarten 2 should be okay, i dont know. but if i've known what Kindergarten 1 is learning, i wouldnt send airis to school this year. everything that they'll learn at KG 1, airis already know. they only teach to count to 10! airis already know to 20. and the other books are like books for 1 year olds! yknow.. the A is for Apple one. oh well, i've already paid for the fees anyways, hopefully she'll love school soon.

Friday, 18 September 2015


my first day of going back to work didnt go well as i thought it would be. i was fine when i was at the office. but when i got home.. i started to feel very light headed and chills. i felt soo cold i couldnt stop shivering! and then high fever. i dont know why the fever suddenly got me. maybe its the weather (it was raining heavily that morning and haze) or maybe breast engorgement (i forgot my pump, so it was really swollen and painful :( ) OR maybe because i didnt get enough sleep. only slept for 3 hours the night before. so i got into bed early and woke up the next morning for work feeling okay. but nooo, when i reached work.... i got the shivers and headaches again! i couldnt got a hold on meds so i battled through it until 5pm :( 

but im okay now. i think. anyway, thank you for the milk booster recommendations! i will def try those. especially oats(cookies and porridge sounds good) yes, its still low. esp now that im working..... sigh. 

and yknow.... i still feel emotional. today at work i had to hide inside the toilet twice cause i felt like crying. i was looking at my two girls pictures and i felt so guilty for not being with them. i couldnt help myself. okay, i dont blame postpartum. maybe its just me. i was like this when airis was a year old.. i remember when my friend brought her daugther to school and i instantly cried cause she reminded me of mine ;( there's nothing more sad to me than feeling like..... okay, i cant seem to put it into words haha. 

i got to blog this time cause baby and airis are sleeping. but baby is awake now. so bye!